1798, the Famine & 1922

December 8, 2022

The always fascinating In Our Time on BBC Radio 4 focused this week on the 1798 Rebellion - listen here with contributors Ian McBride, Catriona Kennedy & Liam Chambers and presenter Melvyn Bragg. Pictured above is 1798 leader Theobald Wolfe Tone.

Another good listen - our 2022 Festival speaker Charles Read has recorded a podcast about his new book, The Great Famine in Ireland and Britain's Financial Crisis, which he also spoke about at the Festival and which was published in October. There are some interesting parallels to more recent financial crises!

A really interesting New York Times / Irish Times article on the revival of the Manx language on the Isle of Man which is related, of course, to Irish as well as Gaelic in Scotland.

6 December marked 100 years since the Anglo-Irish Treaty took effect - here's a take on it from the blog of the House of Commons Library website.

Image from House of Common Library website.

And finally, Festival co-founder Simon Kingston took part recently in a History Ireland podcast discussing a new TG4 documentary Marú in Íarthar Chorcaí (Murder in West Cork) on the Bandon Valley killings of 1922. Also taking part were History Ireland editor Tommy Graham, Eve Morrison, Brian Hanley and documentary producer and presenter Jerry O'Callaghan. The Bandon Valley killings are something we featured in our 2022 Festival - see the talks and group discussion here. Eve Morrison has been a regular Festival contributor, including this talk on the Kilmichael Ambush at our 2020 online Festival.