‘Mr Yeats & the Beastly Coins’, old photos of Cork & the Benin Bronzes

This week's recommendations range across Irish coins, the blog of the Military Service Pensions Collection, old photos of Cork, Harry Clarke's stained glass and the Benin Bronzes.

We're bit late to this, but we've just seen Mr Yeats & the Beastly Coins, an entertaining (and informative) short film made in 2016 about creating a new coinage for the Free State. Worth a watch - it's available on the IFI Player.

The blog of the Military Services Pensions Collection always has interesting posts, including on the Clonmult ambush in east Cork on 20 February 1921. On that day the IRA suffered its worst defeat of the War of Independence.

Dan Breen of Cork Public Museum gave an interesting presentation on some of the Museum's recently acquired photograph collections, including some of the oldest known images of Cork City.

Another presentation, this time on Harry Clarke's stained glass window The Eve of St Agnes, by Jessica O' Donnell of the Hugh Lane Gallery. It was part of the Crawford's Spring Lecture series.

And finally this article from the BBC website which links art dealers, the Holocaust and the Benin bronzes.