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Bob Geldof reads N.M. Cummins’ Letter to the London Times
A slight hiatus…
2019 Speakers
Censorship, port history and Cork in 1920
Gerald O’Brien on the Monster Repeal Meeting
Brendan Simms: Britain, Ireland and Europe
Ireland, Empire and the Sea
Kieran Doyle: Memorials of the revolution in Cork
Dr Eve Morrison: The Kilmichael Ambush
Professor Brian Walker: Cork & Ulster in 1920
The Interregnum, Alice Stopford Green & the Great Parchment Book of Waterford
Shackleton’s sisters, First World War brides & Home School Histories
Partition, Harry Clarke, U-Boats & the 17th century beef trade
Partition, Helen Hooker O’Malley & Edith Somerville
The American Civil War, the sinking of HMS Wasp & the Ulster Museum’s extraordinary collections
A post-Easter post including the Belfast Blitz, the 1918-19 flu pandemic & the history of emotion
Skibbereen Heritage Centre, St Patrick’s Day & wartime rugby
‘Mr Yeats & the Beastly Coins’, old photos of Cork & the Benin Bronzes