In this Section:

Decade of Centenaries 1912-1923
Dr Andy Bielenberg: ‘100 years on; The Dunmanway Massacre Revisited’
Panel Discussion: Reflecting on the challenges which lie ahead in the Decade of Centenaries.
Brian Walker: ‘Southern Protestant Voices during the War of Independence and Civil War’
Eunan O’Halpin – ‘Policing and politics: the RIC and the War of Independence, 1919-21’
Dan Mulhall: Declaring Independence – America 1776, Ireland 1919
Liam Kennedy: ‘The IRA and Irish Protestants, 1919-23 and 1969-98’
John Horne: ‘At the Crossroads: Ireland, Britain and the International Context, 1919-1923’
Jim Herlihy: The Royal Irish Constabulary ‘A Forgotten Force – The Case for a Memorial.’
Ruth Dudley Edwards – Reflecting on Attitudes in Southern Ireland to Northern Ireland
Stephen Collins – ‘Why the State Should Commemorate the RIC/DMP – A Personal Perspective’
Clare Connolly: Subject Waves
Guy Warner: Three First World War Airmen with Cork Connection
Louise Ryan: The Suffrage Movement and the Irish Citizen Newspaper
Michael Robinson: Disabled Great War Veterans during the Irish Revolution
Eunan O’Halpin: A Catalogue of Errors – the British Government and Ireland in 1918
Ida Milne – Stacking the Coffins, the 1918-19 Influenza Pandemic and Irish Society
Lar Joye – Weapons of the War of Independence
Alvin Jackson – Edward Carson and John Redmond