In this Section:

The Anglo-Zulu War, Palestine & the RIC and Agatha Christie & the Lusitania
Rockall, Alaska and West Cork
The Battle of Jadotville & the Battle of Britain
David Reynolds: English Memory & Amnesia about Empire
Cauvery Madhavan & Ida Milne – The Tainted
Nigel Biggar: Ethics & remembering Empire
Claire Warrior: the Irish in polar exploration
Donal Lowry: Everything that Touches Ireland….
Patricia O’Sullivan: Irish Police in Hong Kong
Lar Joye: Irish soldiers in the British Army during empire
Robert Harris: Echoes of the Zulu Wars
Aoife Bhreatnach: 19th century military & imperial culture
Jane Ohlmeyer: Ireland, Empire and the Early Modern World
Irish & British historians on the imperial past: Panel Discussion
Brendan Simms: Britain, Ireland and Europe
Ireland, Empire and the Sea
Shackleton’s sisters, First World War brides & Home School Histories
Partition, Harry Clarke, U-Boats & the 17th century beef trade