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The O’Conor Don & the ‘Irish Giant’ Charles Byrne
A very Happy Christmas & best wishes for 2023
Stamps, ports and Scythian gold
1798, the Famine & 1922
‘Thus she shall go to the stars…’
A West Cork botanist, a Dublin psychiatric hospital, mythical creatures of Cashel & the Irish founder of the SAS
Decade of Centenaries but more too – Irish Georgian interiors & a rebellion in Jamaica
Our Festival Concert is going on tour!
Bob Geldof for WCHF 2022
West Cork, Dublin & Offaly histories
Press coverage for our 2022 Festival
2022 Festival Images
Something for after the Festival…
Festival back catalogue…
Our 2022 speakers
The Book of St Albans, the Tailteann Games, the Civil War & a fantastic resource on the Diaspora
Women’s experiences in the revolutionary period & beyond
Sir Henry Wilson, 19th century prison hulks, a “drunken man of genius” & medical staff in the Troubles