In this Section:

Guy Warner: Three First World War Airmen with Cork Connection
Louise Ryan: The Suffrage Movement and the Irish Citizen Newspaper
Michael Robinson: Disabled Great War Veterans during the Irish Revolution
Niamh O’Sullivan: Art & the Great Hunger
Eunan O’Halpin: A Catalogue of Errors – the British Government and Ireland in 1918
Peter Murray: The Victorian Painter George Victor du Noyer
Ida Milne – Stacking the Coffins, the 1918-19 Influenza Pandemic and Irish Society
Mary McGilicuddy: Women in the Fishing Industry in South West Ireland in the Late 18th & Early 19th Centuries
Niamh MacNally: Artist Margaret Clarke
Connie Kelleher: The 1627 Wreck of the Spanish Treasure Galleon Santa Ana Maria
Lar Joye – Weapons of the War of Independence
Alvin Jackson – Edward Carson and John Redmond
Irons Jeremy: Reading of Irish First World War and Revolutionary Era Poetry
Cal Hyland: The Situation of Protestants in West Cork
Brian Hughes: Gossip, Rumour & Propaganda – Deceptions and Perceptions of Irish
Colum Hourihane: Gothic Art in Ireland
John Horne – The War to End All Wars, International Perspectives 1918-23
Susan Flavin: Food, Drink & Society in 16th Century Ireland
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