It’s been a while…

March 13, 2022

The most important listens and reads first this week - the Irish Passport podcast's latest on 'Ukraine and Ireland - a shared history' which also includes a good summary of the history of relations between Ukraine and Russia up until the Russian invasion. Also a good timeline of Ukrainian history from RTE, and an interesting read on the website Unherd about the role of religion in Putin's view of Ukraine, by Giles Fraser.

At the end of last year, an Ordnance Survey map came to light in Tipperary which sheds new light on the activities of the IRA in that area during the revolutionary period, specifically the 3rd Brigade. The map has now been digitised and can be seen here. Tipperary County Council is working with the Landscapes of Revolution project to to raise awareness of the map and work with the public to uncover new details about it.

From the same period, but telling a very different story .... Laois Local Studies had this very interesting post on the last campaign of the Leinster Regiment before the regiment was disbanded. Between August 1921 and February 1922, men of the 1st Battalion fought an anti-colonial uprising in Malabar on India's SW coast.

And also obliquely connected to the revolutionary period, the Irish Aesthete featured 'A Pocket Gothick' house in Bandon recently on his blog, one of six such properties originally located outside the walls of Castle Bernard, former home of the Earls of Bandon. The Castle was burnt out by the IRA in June 1921 and remains a ruin.

We definitely don't feature enough medieval and early modern history on this blog, but were really interested in this very personal post on the Medieval Ireland blog by Dr Gillian Kenny. It's about the skeleton of a young woman found in Kildare, who died sometime between 1459 and 1637. The method and position of her burial means she was probably classified by contemporaries as 'deviant'.

And while we're on medieval history, a fascinating blog post on herbal remedies in medieval Ireland on the Herbal History Research Network. Its author is Siobhán Barrett, a post-doctoral researcher in Maynooth University.

BBC Radio 4 has a new series - The Museums That Make Us - presented by former British Museum director Neil MacGregor, whose A History of the World in 100 Objects was such a compelling radio series. Most focus on museums in England, Scotland and Wales, but this episode features The Tower Museum in Derry - definitely worth a listen.

And finally lots of excellent talks on the Dublin City Libraries YouTube channel, including many of the 2021 Dublin Festival of History talks.