16 August: our weekly round-up

Of course the best history available at the moment to watch and listen to is our 2020 digital Festival, which is right here on our website. And we got some great coverage in the Southern Star as well. If you are in Cork city, can we recommend visits to two organisations with whom we have partnered this year on #Cork1920 - St Peter's Cork who have a brilliant exhibition on about the Burning of Cork in 1920 and Nano Nagle Place?

And if you've done all of that, here is some other interesting content which caught our eye.

The Dublin Review republished a fascinating article on Sir Oswald Mosley's connections with Ireland - including living for a while in Fermoy.

In the Irish Times, the extraordinary story of Dr Aidan McCarthy who survived Dunkirk, a Japanese POW camp and the atomic bombing of Nagasaki .... and his family's pub in Castletownbere, which might not survive Covid-19.

And on a completely different subject, but also in the Irish Times, Frank McNally on Ireland's relationship with cricket.

And finally, good to see Festival contributor Richard Butler's book reviewed so positively recently. It is a very interesting but also beautifully produced book which the reviewer describes as "a feat of historical and architectural detective work."