Articles of interest

March 7, 2020

Here are some articles on historical and cultural themes which caught the Festival's eye recently ranging from the 21st century to pre-history:

Seas of Ideas: Women and the Ireland-Wales crossing by Elizabeth Edwards posted on the blog of the Ports Past and Present project. This is headed up by Professor Claire Connolly of UCC, who spoke at our Festival last year.

And Festival contributor Professor Louise Ryan writes with Professor Mary Hickman for RTE on 'Why do British people know so little about Ireland'?

Sexual violence in the Irish Civil War a forgotten war crime ? by Professor Linda Connolly, a Festival contributor on this important subject in 2018.

Rare film of rural life in Kerry and Cork in the 1920s discovered in America, as reported by RTE.

A great article in the Examiner earlier in the week on the women heading up arts organisations all over Cork, including Ann Davoren of Uillinn West Cork Arts Centre in Skibbereen.

And a conference in Meath revealing new discoveries at Bru na Boinne as reported in the Irish Times: