Some interesting things to read, watch and listen to…

April 3, 2020


Here are a few articles and films on historically-related subjects that caught our eye recently:

20 March was the 100th anniversary of the killing in Cork of Tomás Mac Curtain, Lord Mayor of Cork by the RIC –  here are two accounts of his death, one from the Century Ireland website and the other from the Irish Examiner.

Damian Shiels’ You Tube film on Irish women who married US sailors during the First World War

The Church of Ireland Historical Society has put the proceedings of its 2017 Conference on the 500th anniversary of the Reformation online here

A list of the top ten Irish gothic novels in the Guardian 

The BBC website ‘discovers’ Eileen Gray

The Trinity Long Room Hub has put up a selection of lectures from its archives, chosen by Festival Honorary President Professor Roy Foster. He has included a lecture by the late Professor David Fitzpatrick, another Festival contributor.

BBC Radio 4’s In Our Time podcast on the 18th century gin craze – first broadcast in 2016, but really worth a listen