Stamps, ports and Scythian gold

December 21, 2022

Window on the Irish Soul is the rather poetic title for an online exhibition marking the centenary of Irish stamps. It is a collaboration between the Royal Irish Academy and the An Post Museum & Archive. You can view the exhibition here while the image above is from the exhibition. It shows a stamp dating from 1922, when the British Post Office agreed that British stamps featuring the King's head might be overprinted with the words 'Rialtas Sealadaċ na hÉireann 1922' until a new set of Irish stamps could be designed and printed.

Heritage News had an interesting piece on telling the time in medieval Ireland particularly focusing on sundials.

RTE Brainstorm had a piece on the connections between Ireland and Wales, and particularly the ports so familiar to all of us who cross the Irish Sea by ferry - Holyhead, Fishguard, Rosslare and Pembroke Dock. 'They are often unfairly treated as transitory spaces alone, becoming somewhere to be ‘escaped’ in a hurry for more exciting destinations. But as you pass through, consider the rich history in which you play a part.' It was written by Ailbhe McDaid and James Louis Smith from UCC.

Crossing not just the Irish Sea but to the other side of the continent, the Guardian had this very striking article on Russian looting of Ukrainian artefacts, particularly of Scythian gold, and what museum curators in Ukraine are doing to protect these treasures.

And also on Ukraine, the Irish Times interviewed historian Orlando Figes about the importance of understanding Russian history - you can read the article here.