The American Civil War, 70 women who shaped Ireland (only 70?) & the Adrian Flowers Archive

This amazing map shows the locations in Ireland associated with men buried in Andersonville National Cemetery in Georgia, USA, casualties of the American Civil War. It includes Owen Harrington from Roscarbery who died on 28 September 1864. It's the work of Damian Shiels and is part of a wider project about the Irish American men who fought for the Union in the American Civil War.

After their 'Irish Women in 50 Objects' last week, the Irish Times has now done a '70 Women who shaped Irish Culture' which seems a lot less cliched. Some really interesting women were included among them West Cork's Edith Somerville and Ina Boyle (1889-1967). Boyle was a composer from Wexford who we're ashamed to admit we had not heard of before reading about in this article. Her music has recently been revived and her image, courtesy of the Board of Trinity College Dublin (where her archive is held) is featured above. Find out more about her here.

Festival contributor and Ballydehob resident Francesca Flowers was in the Cork-based Tripe & Drisheen this week, talking about her photographer father Adrian, whose work she is now archiving, as well as her family, memory and many other things. It's a really interesting article. And you can find out more about the archive, and some of the images in it, on the Adrian Flowers website.

We really enjoyed this article in the Belfast Telegraph about Northern Irish slang. And also in Belfast, a festival next week - Imagine! - which has some historical talks (we've signed up for this one about military barracks in Ireland) and discussions as well as politics, music, poetry, environmentalism ... more info here.